The National Program has a major focus on positive role models, goal setting and resilience.

Cottage by the Sea is proud to be part of this program in partnership with the Cathy Freeman Foundation and their Horizons Program.

The Program is educational, aspirational and cultural. Each year up to 80 students from remote communities are selected by their schools based on attendance, commitment to school and who will benefit from the experience. The Horizons Program motivates students to set goals and to reach ambitious learning milestones.

Participants experience one of five trips to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra or Darwin. The Horizons Program is designed according to the age group which ranges from Grade 5 to Year 12, and balances fun with new experiences of city life. The trips for secondary school students are focused on post school pathways. These week-long trips are shared with around 15 students who return to school with a greater sense of self-esteem, confidence and social skills and a new sense of purpose.

The exposure to various workplaces and corporate engagements, mixed with mentoring sessions and workshops with respected Indigenous role models extends and inspires students about what is possible for their future.

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