Recreation, Education, Environment, Friendship

The REEF program is an experiential learning program designed to give young leaders of the future a head start. Beginning in grade six, the two-year program follows a group of students through their final year of primary school and their first year of secondary school. The young people attend camps based at Cottage by the Sea or offsite in a range of outdoor environments.

The REEF program provides an important adjunct to school, presenting students with an opportunity to develop their potential.


Through the REEF program, Cottage by the Sea works with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and raises their skills, confidence and expectations, thus improving their school attendance, which increases the probability of them remaining in an educational setting, remaining connected with home and community, and giving them greater opportunities and stronger control over their own futures.


  • Improved attitude and behaviour
  • Improved levels of self confidence
  • Increased social and interpersonal skills
  • Increased self reliance and motivation
  • Stronger collaborative approach to goal setting
  • Enhanced personal growth
  • Enhanced leadership skills
  • Greater community involvement