Chasing a ballet dream through our scholarship program

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Cottage by the Sea scholarships are funded by philanthropists, and allow our program participants to pursue dreams that may have once felt out of reach. These scholarships are very important to helping support a young person’s dream by providing funding for approved training and equipment to explore new opportunities.

Below is a letter we received earlier in the year from one of our scholarship participants, Annabella, who we have supported through her journey with the Western Ballet Project. She also sent us these great photos of her ballet experience.

Dear Cottage by the Sea,
Thank you so much for financially supporting me in being part of the Western Ballet Project. I had such an amazing experience.
In October, I auditioned for the youth ballet company’s production of “Excalibur”, along with the largest number of dancers to have auditioned in the Western Ballet Project’s history. More than 80 dancers! A week or so after, I got an email saying I was given a position as a Dark Knight and Maiden. I was very excited and couldn’t wait to start rehearsing.
In January of this year, I rehearsed for five days for nearly seven hours per day. Some days it was really hot while we were learning new dances, but it was all worth it. On the afternoon of the performance, we had a dress rehearsal and actual performance at the Clocktower Centre in Moonee Ponds. The dancing, the costumes, the music, the lighting was all so amazing. I had my family come and support me as well as some of my friends.
My dance skills have advanced and I learned so many new things related to dance. Also, the whole experience reassured me that hard work pays off. I also found that being at Cottage has helped me to build my resilience and persistence even more in order to be even more confident. I also felt like I belonged there and that I could thrive in that environment. I loved the whole experience and I hope to do it again!
I am so grateful to have your support during my journey and I hope that you know it was definitely worth it. Thank you CBTS!
Kind regards,