Last Mentor adventure!

Our Stories

We always love it at the start of the year when we have our Grade 6 Reefies begin their journey with us at Cottage. It is then sad that at the end of the year, we have to say goodbye to the Mentors who have completed their journey with us after seven years.

For our Ballarat Mentors, it has been quite a journey! From dealing with the transition into high school to being a teenager, school and exams, not to mention going through Covid lockdowns. For our Mentors, this camp was a time to relax after completing exams and reconnect with other Mentors they have shared their journey with. It’s amazing to observe how much they have grown and matured over the years and the way they lead the younger Mentors to be respectful and work together as a team.

It was a lovely occasion to celebrate our Mentors by going out for dinner together and sharing stories about not only what they had done on this camp, but all the previous camps they had been on. They were all grateful for the opportunities that they had been given while at Cottage and how much Cottage has helped them with confidence, resilience and leaderships skills. It was a really nice way to end the program.

Of course, whenever our Mentors finish the Mentor program, they are always welcome to come back to visit, volunteer or do some guest speaking for us and continue their connection with Cottage by the Sea.

Congratulations, Mentors!