Please support the Cleana Marina Fundraiser – helping to clean up our ocean

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Cottage by the Sea is proud of its special relationship with Sea All Dolphin Swims, which has provided many incredible experiences to children visiting Cottage. Many of Cottage’s program participants have experienced the joy of one of their amazing charters.

The Captain and Owner of Sea All Dolphin Swims is James “Murph” Murphy. Murf is also the  founder of a wonderful charity dedicated to protecting our marine environments and their inhabitants, named Southern Ocean Environmental Link (SOEL).  

An exciting project Murf and his team at SOEL are currently undertaking is the development of a unique filter system called the Harbour Filter. The concept for the Harbour Filter is to draw in polluted water, filter and remove the floating contaminants, and then pump clean water back into the water. SOEL aims to make The Harbour Filter an off-the shelf system, enabling harbour masters, citizen scientists and environmental organisations to remove floating pollutants and contaminants from their local water ways. Not to mention giving cleaner water for those enjoying the water on our coastlines like the kids from the Cottage.

SOEL is seeking funds for the Harbor Filter project calling it the “Cleana Marina Fundraiser”. It is a very worthy cause. For more information and to make a donation, go to: