The impact of a scholarship opportunity at Cottage by the Sea

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“There are miracles and glory in every child. Our glory lies in empowering them to flourish their glory.” ― Amit Ray

The underpinning goals of the Mentor program are for young people to be actively contributing to their community, school and home, as well as here at Cottage. Mentor participants (as well as REEFies) also have the opportunity to be involved in our scholarship program.  

Scholarships are funded by philanthropists, and allow our Mentors to pursue dreams that may have once felt out of reach. These scholarships provide funding for approved training and equipment for Mentors to explore new opportunities. The power of these scholarships lies in their ability to provide young people with inspiration, hope and confidence to reach for their goals. With this new-found sense of empowerment, they can thrive throughout the rest of their teenage years and into adulthood.

We are thrilled to share how our scholarship program is supporting one of our current Mentors. Through a scholarship from Cottage, Olive has just completed her aerial silks training. She has been loving the experience, and was awarded an emerging talent award at a recent competition. Olive was also given a wildcard entry into the national finals, which are taking place on the Gold Coast in mid-January 2024.

We are so grateful to Olive and her family for sharing this update on her training and scholarship journey.


Young ballerina, Annabella, is another grateful recipient of a Cottage scholarship. Earlier in the year, she successfully auditioned to earn a position in the production of “Excalibur”.

“Thank you so much for financially supporting me in being part of the Western Ballet Project … being at Cottage has helped me to build my resilience and persistence even more in order to be even more confident. I am so grateful to have your support during my journey and I hope that you know it was definitely worth it. Thank you CBTS!”

An excerpt of Annabella’s thank-you letter to Cottage:

With the support of our generous donors and philanthropists, we can continue to offer more Cottage participants, such as Olive and Annabella, more inspiration, fun and opportunity.