The REEFies become green thumbs

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The REEF program is a very special program for young people in Grade 6 that are about to transition into high school. The acronym stands for Recreation, Education, Environment and Friendships.

Today at Cottage, we focused on environment and working together as a team. With the lovely help of our gardening volunteer Barb, the REEFies went about planting potatoes in garden beds that they had prepared at their last camp at Cottage, as well as planting flowers into pots that will thrive in our beautiful courtyard.

Barb was very generous to share her knowledge of gardening with the REEFies, which involved teaching them the importance of composting and using manure to nurture garden beds to allow the plants to thrive. It was an exercise that gives the REEFies a sense of belonging and to take ownership of something that they can look after for many years to come. They also got to plant herbs into pots that they had decorated the night before to take home and look after.

Being from a rural area, the REEFies enjoyed doing some heavy lifting and getting their hands dirty. They are a group that works really well together, which will hold them in good stead for further challenges they will face in the REEF program!