Youth Mental Health First Aid Training


Providing Cottage by the Sea staff with the knowledge, experience and training to best support visiting children is one of our top priorities. This ensures that our Programs Team is best equipped to deal with the daily challenges that working in this field presents.

This week, the Cottage Team completed Youth Mental Health First Aid Training. The full-day training showed the team how to identify and help manage mental health problems in young people. It explored how to provide assistance when a young person is developing a mental health problem, information about different mental health problems, the most effective help shown by research, how to provide mental health first aid in crisis situations and a framework to use to approach a young person to talk openly about their mental health.

Led by Andy Bell from Youth Gurus for The Mental Health First Aid Australia® Team, the training was done in an engaging, interactive and creative way. Everyone left the training feeling more confident about how to manage mental health issues that can arise in this line of work.

“Undertaking this course with the team gives us all the best opportunity to step in and help a young person (or adult, as it applies across all ages) and perhaps even save a life one day,” said Adam Wake, Cottage by the Sea CEO.