News Updates

On Tuesday 2 March 2021, Cottage by the Sea is having a Giving Day to HELP US HELP MORE KIDS.

On this day, each donation will be doubled. Every donation will be matched, dollar for dollar, by our generous supporters including @apco_foundation and other anonymous donors.

On this day, we will increase your impact.

$25 = $50

$50 = $100

$500 = $1,000

In response to an ever increasing need to support children, we have begun increasing the numbers of children on each camp. Over the coming year, we will aim to increase our capacity even more. To ensure the best experience for children, with the highest levels of care, we need to increase our funding. 

However, over the past financial year we have been unable to hold any fundraising events, including our beloved Annual Fair. This has had significant impact on our ability to fund children’s programs.

We believe all children and young people should be given opportunities to have fun, be inspired and broaden their horizons – but many don’t have access to those opportunities.  The effects of 2020 mean there is an even greater need for what we do. 

Please donate generously on Tuesday 2 March 2021.