ABN Group/Boutique Homes working bee


Last week, we had more than 50 staff from ABN Group/Boutique Homes visit Cottage by the Sea for a working bee. One of Cottage’s volunteers here on the day said that their “contribution and support was significant”. Here are some of the ways they showed their support on the day at Cottage:

  • Worked in the garden – mulching, pruning, planting autumn veggies (leek, spinach, beetroot, spring onion, beans, carrots and artichokes), oiling timber decking and railings, painting around the sandpit and bollards
  • Cleaned cobwebs and windows
  • Sorted through donations for the kids
  • Set up the kid’s beds upstairs
  • Packed up Riptide Cottage in preparation for the rebuild
  • Played games the visiting children play
  • Baked cupcakes and washed dishes  
  • Created colourful murals and installed blackboards in the playground

“It was a nice experience and a great help for them to make some cupcakes for the kids – they made 12 dozen! They also came into the kitchen after lunch to do some dishes, which was a huge help,” shared Cottage Chef Kim.

“The ABN team were all unanimous in their experience of the day that they felt it was their privilege to be part of such a wonderful organisation. And that we had benefited more than CBTS on the day. It was a day were there were big smiles from start to end. The team cannot wait to get back down to lend a hand at Cottage as soon as they can,” said Kate from ABN Group.

It was great for the visiting group to see first-hand the impact of Cottage. Thank you to everyone from ABN/Boutique Homes for your help on the day. This support directly contributes to enhancing the experiences of visiting children to Cottage by the Sea.