Our Stories

Bus was packed and the surf trailer was attached, we were ready to head down to Ocean Grove for a surf.Unfortunately with the air quality being very poor due to the East Gippsland fires all of the beaches on the Bellarine were closed. No more surfing! Plan B was in full force. We had a few ideas thrown around, but Adventure Park was a clear winner. With a quick phone call they were happy to take us on board for the day. We were shown to our reserved area and the REEFies were super keen to go!

Our first attraction was the not so lazy river. The staff thought the lazy river meant you kick back, relax and enjoy floating around the pool. The REEFies (and hundreds of other children) made it more like a wave pool with children running around, splashing and having a blast.

The next attraction for the group was the wave racer, where 6 racers line up at the top of the slide and race down on a foam rubber toboggan. Of course the heavier you are the faster you go so the staff had an easy win here!

We all met back at our table for a hot lunch, chef Marco delivered to us sausages in bread and lamb kebabs, what a treat!

We knew after lunch there was a storm coming, so we decided to make our next meeting time 2:30pm. At around 2:00pm you could just start to see it getting darker through all of the smoke, but we could hear the thunder so we knew it wasn’t far. Smack bang on 2:30pm it started to drizzle and the boys group made it just back undercover in time. The girls were not so lucky. We all laughed and watched as the girls had to run back in torrential rain. The storm lasted a good hour before we could leave the undercover area. So we enjoyed some fresh fruit and biscuits for afternoon tea until it all blew over.

On our walk out of Adventure Park, the whole place was flooded! One of the REEFies made a funny joke about the whole park is now a lazy river all we need is a few floaties to get around.

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