Brewing Baristas

Our Stories

 “I love this one!”    “Take a photo of this one!”    “I’m proud of this one.”

These comments were some of many as our Year 10 Mentors proudly displayed their coffee art.

The art of coffee making had been perfected by the budding baristas on our Mentor Program and it was now time to get their creative juices flowing. There were flat whites, lattes, cappuccino’s, short macchiato’s and piccolo lattes being made. The constant sound of coffee beans grounding could be heard over the texturing of milk and pouring of perfect espresso rat-tails. This was coffee making at its finest.  

The silky smooth textured milk was being dolloped into the middle of a light brown espresso and turned into artwork with the point of a kebab skewer. This resulted in chasing love hearts, clovers, flowers, waves and snowflakes being drawn into the coffee canvas.

It was certainly a fun day out in Melbourne, but surely the best part for our newly accredited baristas was that they could now add this qualification to their resume, taking this skill into their daily lives. Two participants already had plans for many barista making days: a new job was on the horizon for one Mentor with her new barista skills and another Mentor was excited because her boss had only just asked her 2 days earlier to get some barista training. Lucky for her, barista training is part of the Cottage by the Sea Mentor Program. How proud she was and ready to brew many coffees in 2019!

We thank The Coffee School and Rhett for such a wonderful, worthwhile and fun experience for all campers and Camp Leaders involved.