Canoeing fun on Take a Break

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For this week’s group of visiting children, we decided to change up our traditional Take a Break program by adding canoeing into the mix. Some students were a little nervous at first when they found out that we were canoeing, and plenty of questions arose.

Some students thought canoeing was done in a small tube that would fill with water, causing all their clothing to get wet. But, with a little reassuring and a great explanation on what canoeing is, the students became very eager to give it a go!

We split into smaller groups and launched 5 canoes on the small river system in Pt Lonsdale’s “The Point”. Each canoe had an adult paddler and 1 or 2 students in the canoe.

After a safety brief and lesson on shore, we all set off on a journey together upstream and against the wind. The wind posed as a problem for some, as the gusts were strong.

After a little adjusting and lots of powerful strokes, we were able to beat the wind all the way to the end of the river system. Then, we enjoyed a very cruisy paddle back to the park with the wind behind our back, pushing us along.

It was a great session and all of the students loved trying a new skill. Canoeing will now become a regular activity on the Take a Break program.