Day out on the boat

Our Stories

It was the third day of camp and the Cottage staff had just told us what we were doing for the day, we were going on Sea All Dolphin Swim Charters for a snorkel and swim with hopefully some dolphins and seals. We were so excited!

I was anxious because it was going to be my first time on a boat.

We packed our bags for the day and headed off down to the marina. When we arrived the dolphin tour staff greeted us and sized us up for wetsuits and flippers. We got into our wetsuits and then hopped onto the boat. The staff explained the rules of the boat and gave us a safety brief.

It was time to take off and head out into the bay. We first headed over to the Chinaman’s hut to have a snorkel and swim with the seals, they were so smelly but it was funny watching the seals show off and do twists and turns in the water. The water was cold but we soon forgot about it being cold as we were having so much fun.

We hopped out of the water and headed over towards Portsea. When we got closer to Portsea, the staff let us climb to the top of the boat and do a big jump off the roof into the water. We were all trying our best to make the biggest splash that we could.

It was sadly time to head back towards Queenscliff. The staff put the boat net out so we could take turns climbing on the net while the boat was moving and try to hold on. It was so much fun! A few of us even fell off the back!

Shortly after, we arrived back at the Queenscliff marina, got off the boat and said a giant thankyou to all the staff from Sea All Dolphins. We then headed back to the Cottage for a nice warm lunch before heading out for even more activities planned for the afternoon.