Developing young leaders

Our Stories

Camp Leaders Chook and Sean had set the REEFies a task of navigating their own way around the hiking trail, using the map and their leadership skills. With no technology, no phones, no watches and no access to the time, REEFies were in control of rest stops, lunch and water breaks.

Sally was fast to take the lead, reading the map carefully and making sure, she understood the map key. After congregating the group together and explaining the plan, Sally had all 16 REEFies walking along the track. Sally’s communication with everyone was encouraging as she waited for all REEFies to hike up the hills, made sure they all took the right turn and listened when others needed a break.

When it was time for others to take the lead, they always consulted Sally first and would check in with her for advice and guidance. Sally’s willingness to help others and lead even without the official role was outstanding.

Upon reflection that evening, with the campfire radiating heat, the REEF group chatted in circle time about the day’s achievements. Sally was commended by all her peers for her positive leadership. Sally’s reflected on her own challenges of leading from the back of the group and how her patience was tested and yet she wanted to remain positive and helpful to those that found the walking harder than herself.

Showing good leadership is challenging and takes a lot of practice, Sally is well and truly on her journey to becoming a positive leader in our community.