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The rise of digital technology has generated many trends that come and go. For charitable organisations, it has bred a whole new world of opportunity to communicate with the public and generate donations and support.

There has been recent emphasis surrounding corporate social responsibility among companies, but actively fulfilling this remains an outlier in the Australian business world. Fortunately, donations have gone digital. There are new applications that allow businesses to set up workplace giving programs via payroll deductions.

Cottage by the Sea is on a mission to make this innovative method of charitable donations the norm amongst businesses and employees.

We have teamed up with workplace giving providers Good2Give and Benojo, who automate the entire process, saving time on both ends.

So, how do these payroll deductions work?

 A workplace giving program allows employees to make a donation direct from their pre-tax pay, meaning donors receive their tax benefits immediately. Companies often match the amount deducted, doubling the donation!

Here’s how it might look (hypothetically):

  • $70 from the donor
  • $30 forfeited by the ATO
  • $100 matched by company
    • = $200 to the chosen charity

How is this different to any available option currently available for businesses and employees?

Firstly, It’s simply easier. It’s an agreed upon figure that is automated by a platform like Good2Give or Benojo. Paperwork and due diligence – which has previously been a pain point surrounding workplace giving – is now a non-factor.

Consistent giving adds to the morality of a company. On an individual level, it instils pride and purpose among employees for the brand they represent. A workplace giving program provides all employees equal opportunity to contribute where they otherwise may not.

Instead of donating a lump sum on behalf of the business at the end of financial year – of which employees may not even be aware of – why not incorporate and engage the entire workplace to contribute to a positive cause?

Once the workplace giving program is established – it takes care of itself. Did we mention it’s automated? Positive change doesn’t always stem from large, one-off donations. Simple charity is good charity!

Instigate this trend of giving and make it the standard, not the rarity.

We’ll even help you get started! Contact us today for more information regarding workplace giving or visit Good2Give or Benojo.