Having fun is the same in every language!

Stories From Camp

For the second occasion this year Cottage by the Sea welcomed a small group of Western English Language School students under its roof, only this time the children were from the Footscray campus in Melbourne. 

Starting on Tuesday the 20th of June to Friday the 23rd of June, the camp was planned out to involve the usual array of Cottage activities like that of swimming, boogie-boarding, beach play, park hopping, rock-pool rambling and sight-seeing.

However, majority of these children have only experienced life living in Australia within the last 12 months or less and as a result it made showing them around our beautiful coastline extra special. Comparing the cultures from all their different homelands to being here and sharing with us their very own stories and beliefs, it truly was an incredible time we all spent together, both learning and trying many new things.

Even our chefs ensured that they made the kids feel right at home with some beautiful, authentic and oriental dishes being prepared and served throughout the week – believe me when I say it had all the kids and staff wanting to scoop up seconds! 

Although their English may be quite little, there’s no doubt these children were constantly expressing signs of love, laughter and friendship throughout their stay and with that we know we’ve done our job right because having fun doesn’t need words to be expressed!

Thank-you again to the WELS students and their staff members, we can’t wait to have you all back again!