Quiksilver Surf Day!

Our Stories

It was a beautiful morning on Wednesday for our annual Quiksilver Surf Day, unlike last year when we had rain and thunderstorms. We arrived down at Cosy Corner Beach in Torquay and we were greeted by eight of Quiksilver’s finest employees who were eager to get in the water with our campers.

A short lesson was held on the beach, before we jumped on our boards and began to surf! The Quiksilver staff shared expert advice with the children and assisted them all in riding their first ever waves. The tide pushing in created a nice little wave for everyone to learn on! Everyone was having a ball.

After almost two hours in the surf, the little ones started to get cold and it was time to start packing up ready for some lunch! Julie from Quiksilver quickly ducked up to the main street to buy us all hot chips and potato cakes whilst we had another delivery of pizzas too! We were spoilt for choices. Some of the group were putting their hot chips on top of the pizza, what a creation!

Once our bellies were bursting full we had our final presentation where the children thanked a Quiksilver staff member and gifted them with a little Cottage by the Sea show bag. In return, the children all received a gift pack valued at over $200! They couldn’t believe it! New school bag, wallet, beach towel and caps. Everyone was over the moon!

To finish off the afternoon we said our final goodbye’s and thank-you’s before heading off from the successful day. We look forward to doing it all again next year!