Rain Can’t Dampen Our Enthusiasm

Our Stories

It was a beautiful sunny Tuesday morning as we awaited the arrival of forty-five very excited grade 3\4 students and five teachers from University Park Primary School. 

They arrived just before lunch with beaming smiles, ready for their fantastic four days at Cottage by The Sea.  After a tour of The Cottage, and settling in upstairs, they were all ready for a delicious lunch of soup and ham and cheese toasted rolls.

After lunch, the camp agreement was discussed.  Everyone happily signed off and commenced on a tour of the grounds.  The children were enthusiastic to try out our awesome playground during free time.  There were eager treasure hunters in the sandpit; lots of exciting treasure was dug up to share.

The afternoon sunshine was the perfect setting for an entire group swim. After fitting on our wetsuits, we headed down for a fun-filled splash amongst the waves.  Laughter and smiles were abundant.  Dinner came around quickly and the children’s teachers took over for the night.

Day two included dividing into two groups and exploring Barwon heads rock pools. There were many fascinating sea creatures to be seen and plenty of fun was had at the local pirate park.

After lunch, the children enjoyed exploring the marina. The many sights and sounds of Queenscliff delighted our senses.

We then participated in a range of initiative activities, including “shoe game.” This demanded teamwork, communication and words of encouragement from both children and camp leaders. The basketball court was transformed into a games arena.  Children raced across the asphalt in an attempt to claim victory! The excitement was tangible!

After such an active afternoon, we all sat down to a highly anticipated chicken dinner.

Day 3 started early. The weather forecast and subsequent torrential rain forced us to take our activities indoor.  Visiting the local swimming pool, we celebrated the warmth of the heated water.

After lunch, we headed to the Marine Discovery Centre.  We explored rock pools and learned of the local ecosystems.  We were continually fascinated and enthralled by all that the Bellarine has to offer.

In stark contrast to the chilly outdoor weather, we were very cosy as we sat down to dinner that night.  Hot pizza and pasta warmed our bellies.  Thanks once again to Marc and the kitchen staff!

Our stay at The Cottage was drawing to a close as we retired early on our last night.  The following morning, we ventured our to Point Lonsdale to glimpse the beautiful seaside surrounds one last time. The children enjoyed observing the lighthouse from up close.

Boarding the bus to return home, we exchanged heartfelt goodbyes and waves.  Thanks to all the children from University Park for an incredible week!