Riptide Redevelopment

News Updates

Planning has begun for redevelopment of the Riptide Cottage, the secondary building on site. Riptide has served us well, being used for small groups and family respite. A “new” Riptide will honour the past and create an exciting future. Significant funding for the project has been provided through the generosity of Boutique Homes (ABN Group) and Moremac Property Group. We received net proceeds of the home they built and auctioned in The Point Estate in Point Lonsdale in January.

Local builder and Cottage Ambassador, David McDonald, is also working with us pro bono as we prepare to rebuild. The funds, already committed to the redevelopment of Riptide, will help us develop another excellent facility for everyone. As an independent audit by Zero C Pty Ltd confirms, the development is needed for access, sustainability and more children. Riptide is currently limited to just 12 people, due to occupancy rules and fire safety regulations, with the current configuration of the building.

 A future challenge will be to fund the additional children through Riptide.