Rock pool swim on Take a Break

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Cottage by the Sea reef is considered by many to be one of the best snorkelling locations in Victoria. Divers from all around the world come to Cottage by the Sea to dive the reef.

We are lucky the reef is located right out the back gate and a short walk along the beach. When the tide is low and the wind isn’t present, the water around the reef becomes a crystal clear light blue and it looks beautiful.

When the timing is right, we always try to swim in the rock pools around the reef with the children on Take a Break. This week we scored! All three groups in this week’s program swam among the world-renowned reef.

We walked out along the reef, peering into the big pools spotting some fish going about their day and colourful coral and sponges.

At the back of the reef there is a natural pointed edge formed into what looks like a diving board. Below the edge is deep water – deep enough for the children to jump off while trying to make the biggest splash possible.

A member of the Programs Team will sit in the deep pool to lend a helping hand for any child who needs it and the children will jump off, swim over to a natural reef ramp, climb up the ramp and line up to jump again. It’s all so much fun!

But shhhh! This spot is our well-kept little secret …