Search for the buried treasure!

Our Stories

Every weekend the ‘pirate’ Captain Red Beard comes along to Cottage and buries some treasure in our sandpit. Full of goodies for the campers to find!

This week Captain Red Beard buried a huge amount of treasure, he left a note saying there was up to 7 treasure boxes to be found.

The first evening of camp, we had two girls find our first treasure chest of buried deep in the sand pit. These two girls evenly shared the box between them and kept searching. Within minutes, another discovery was made! They were so excited on their second find because now they could both keep a box of treasure.

The staff suggested that the treasure stay back at camp for the afternoon’s activities but the girls had other plans! For the remainder of the day the two didn’t let the treasure leave their site.

The treasure boxes made the walking journey to the Marine Discovery Centre to see all of the marine life, jumped on the bus for a ride to Amaze n Games and tackled the giant maze there.

For the remainder of the week it was a challenge for the other campers to find some treasure, with no luck we still have 5 treasure chests awaiting the campers next week!

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