Taking a Break with Arbonne

Stories From Camp

This week, our Take a Break program welcomed 19 local Geelong kids from Whittington Primary School into the Cottage. The four-day camp began early on Monday morning and ended late in the afternoon on Thursday – meaning that the program was packed with lots of fun things for the children to see and do whilst spending their next few days with us.

Having the beach as our backyard meant that going for a swim or a boogey-board is always easy and not to mention fun Hitting up the rock pools to see who could catch, count and release the most crabs became a fun way to learn about the different types of sea creatures within the Barwon Heads Bluff. Whilst the Marine Discovery Centre happily greeted us and taught us even more about the marine life than we ever thought possible.

Entertaining everyone with our awesome Cottage games, climbing all over the playground and playing endless rounds of tiggy, filled many hours of enjoyable fun throughout the week. The evenings were spent having some downtime to watch a movie, eat a platter of fruit or relax and read a book, ensuring that everyone was refueled to do it all again the very next day!

Cottage by the Sea would like to say a huge thanks to the Arbonne Charity Foundation for their contribution and funding of this camp, for we couldn’t keep doing what we do without wonderful sponsors like you!