Stories From Camp

the combined action of a group, especially when effective and efficient.

When we welcomed our New Mentors back on site, it was time for them to work together and achieve more. It started from the moment they walked, helping getting the bags off the trailer, setting up beds and even preparing then serving dinner.

Teamwork plays a major part inside and outside of cottage! The camp leaders like to help build strong leaders and help encourage them to work as a team, the new mentors did just that. The camp was just a quick one but it was enough to touch base and reconnect after the start of a new year.

Most of the Mentors were happy to help out by getting snacks ready, supplying water to those who didn’t have any and help carry the surf boards down to the beach. The Mentors didn’t need much encouraging to work together to figure out how to do the tasks at hand, it’s always so good to see them grow from when they first start and even camp to camp. We hope they continue to use their newly found skills from Cottage on the outside and improve themselves and the people around them!