Traditional Charity In A Digital World

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The rise of digital technology has changed almost every aspect of everyday society in numerous ways and levels.

The way we communicate, do business, shop, spend our free time – in a short amount of time, digital technology has made most elements of contemporary life accessible to everyone.

And yes. Even the way we do charity has changed.

Back in 1890 Cottage by the Sea was as traditional as it gets. The phone had barely been invented, no cars, no televisions, no internet, no digital devices of any kind.

However, what the early days of the Cottage provided for the less fortunate still resonates today. We continue to draw on the belief that every child deserves a happy and healthy childhood. Most aspects of our programs, camps, and activities are based around communication, teamwork, and inspiration. Sure, technology has helped us facilitate our services more effectively – but when we are out in the surf, playing, or simply talking and listening, everything else is forgotten.

This escape from the busy, noisy world has a huge impact on many of our campers. It allows them to get back to being kids, become confident in their own skin and develop real, human skills that they can carry through life.

Even though we consider ourselves a traditional charity, we have embraced digital media to help spread our positive message.


We are on social media! That’s right, this ‘good old fashioned’ children’s charity is active across many digital platforms. Currently, we have – 2,461 followers on our Facebook page, 1,051 on our Instagram account, and we are active on our YouTube channel also.

Our colourful website captures our message, explains our purpose, shows the difference we make in disadvantaged children’s lives, and keeps everyone up to date on all the latest at the Cottage.

There is no doubt that our online presence has helped our cause. We are able to project a message – instantly – to thousands of people. They can then like, comment, and share that message with their friends, and the chain continues.

It’s also a great way to showcase your own charitable efforts. Host a fundraiser or gift drive and share the fun on social media (and tag Cottage by the Sea!).

Likes, comments, shares, and follows are all engaging ways to get involved with a charity, but your commitment to a cause can go beyond social media. You should feel good about spreading our vision with the online world – but remember, clicking through and donating to the cause is what really changes lives.

So, help spread the good work of Cottage by the Sea. Like and share our social media pages. We are working hard to bring the region’s oldest children’s charity into the future, while maintaining our traditional values.