Trusting surfing ninjas to the rescue

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Elbows bent, hands up like you’re giving a high 10, feet shoulder width apart, one foot in front of the other and knees bent. That’s a surfing ninja.

On Thursday at the Cottage we had a Low Ropes Course full of surfing ninjas offering support, guidance and encouragement to their peers. Peter was unsure of giving the Low Ropes Course an attempt. You see it required putting trust in others to assist you when things got tricky.

It was difficult for Peter to trust these new friends. After having a go at being a surfing ninja and seeing the concentration on the other surfing ninja’s faces, Peter knew he had to give it a go.

Peter stepped up onto the Low Ropes Course, a surfing ninja friend on either side. As Peter walked along the course the surfing ninjas followed him closely, giving him words of encouragement.

Peter began to lose his balance but the surfing ninjas were there to support him safely back onto the wire. With his chin raised, a happy smile on his face the confidence began to radiate from him.

Peter had overcome his challenge and now trusted his friends and willingly asked for help to get around the next obstacle. The surfing ninjas guided him through the whole course, successfully attempting each element. The trusting surfing ninjas had come to the rescue once again!