Wakanyanas fundraising for Cottage – more than 100 years of support   

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Founded in 1916, the Wakanyanas lunch is an annual event for Freemasons, family and friends, which raises funds for Cottage by the Sea. The funds are raised through raffles, donations, “fines” and the famous auction of crayfish and prawns. Many members also donate goods such as toiletries, food, clothing and handmade toys for Cottage participants.

The history of the Wakanyanas Group

In 1916, three mutual friends – all Freemasons – decided to have a supper at Barry’s Cafe in Point Lonsdale. They all ate crayfish and after their meal, there was some leftover change – a few shillings – which they donated to Cottage by the Sea.

Several friends were invited to join them at supper the following year on 28 December, 1917, where the foundation was laid down for the Wakanyanas Group and another donation was made to Cottage by the Sea.

Founders TJ. (Tom) Sealy, .i.C. (Jack) Kelsall and H.D. (Harry) Hirst based their funding of the Wakanyanas on the principal that, “We Freemasons, who are enjoying a holiday, should have a get-together as near to 28 December each year to enjoy ourselves and raise funds to assist underprivileged children to have a holiday.”

More than a century of support

Thank you to the Wakanyanas Group for their continued support of Cottage by the Sea for more than 100 years! Below is a photo from their latest lunch in December 2023. Moira and Andrew from the Cottage team were delighted to attend the special day.