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On Friday, the 10th of March 2017, Queenscliff Golf Club held their first annual fundraising event in co-operation with Cottage by the Sea. The proposed partnership gathered plenty of guests to the golf course on Swan-Bay Island, where participants accomplished the entire 18 holes within four hours and competed in a putting contest for an overall winning prize of $4000.

Meanwhile as the golfers arrived at hole 9, they could test out their luck and/or skills further by taking part in yet another golfing competition. Anyone and everyone who was interested in this small, betting-style, challenge was able to do so by making a small donation of $5 directly towards the Cottage, as they aimed to hit a hole-in-one. If succeeding to hit the green, players would receive the donation back (if they wished) and if they reached within 2.5 metres of the hole, they could gain between $15-$25 in their pockets.

Now this particular part of the track can be identified with its inviting slogan ‘Your knees are knockin’ – what if I shank it!’ along with a description which may indeed throw some off.. “Some members never hit this green, usually because they find the trouble short and green side (bunkers). The canny golfer will opt for one more club and find themselves long, but in less trouble. Interestingly though, this hole has also been aced more times than the other par 3’s – Just be sure that you tee it up in the right place!” – http://www.queenscliffgolfclub.com.au/course

All of the 96 visitors who played on the day were more than willing to donate in support of our local charity and gave the hole their best shot. Following their kind support and generosity, majority of the lucky champions who had a fine eye and precise swing, donated their winnings towards the Cottage as well.

In total, the overall money raised directly from the competition reached a sum of around $455 and a further $2528 was donated on behalf of the Queenscliff Golf Club to Cottage by the Sea, making a grand total of $2983 raised.

Cottage by the Sea would like to thank each and every one who contributed on the day, and most particularly the Queenscliff Golf Club and all their connecting sponsors and partners for a wonderful and sunny day on the green for all their support and generosity throughout the timing of the event.

For more pictures of the day, please be sure to check out the link below!


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