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For our new REEF participants, this camp would focus on team work, as students came to cottage to experience their first of many camps.

On day one, the children headed into splashdown to participate in some water activities. They split into teams, and competed in duck diving, human tunnel ball and noodle races. They all worked well together as they cheered on their fellow team mates.

On day two, we headed down to the cottage beach, where the children split into teams to play ‘Raise the titanic’. This game requires lots of communication as the children race to get buckets of water to fill up a large tube pierced with holes, which they need to plug with their fingers, toes or as some demonstrated today, even their noses.

In the end, they came together as one big team working desperately to stop the water escaping. Finally, we all cheered as the water spilled over the top, signalling it was time for everyone to run into the ocean and cool off.

Our final activity was the carpet game.

It took a few attempts and a few different leaders before they successfully crossed the hot lava. Some threw the carpet too far, while others stepped off the mats too early. With a few failed attempts and some constructive ideas being thrown around, Lillie volunteered to be leader. She placed one carpet square on the ground, and then another as she and her team mates directed each other on where and when to step, successfully making their way across the hot lava to the safe zone.

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