The beauty of wandering

Our Stories

Tenon’s experience of his first Take a Break camp at Cottage by the Sea was a real sensory experience.

He felt the grains of sand slide through his toes. This new experience saw Tenon roll his shoulders back, roll his neck around and relax into his new environment. Tenon bent down to feel the warm, soft yet gravelly sand slip through his fingers. He watched in amazement as the grains of sand joined the trillions of others on the shore. Walking barefoot on the sand was Tenon’s new favourite mode of transport.

Tenon also enjoyed the variety of new foods he was able to try. During meal times, he was seen savouring each mouthful of freshly caught flathead, sweet strawberries and warm home-baked muffins. The pleasure he felt was evident in his big grin, wide-open eyes and slightly tilted back head. You could feel the emotions, joy and amazement Tenon was feeling by watching him. It was a great reminder to all to enjoy the small things in life and savour each precious moment we have with these children.

“Whether you colour the world or light it up blue…You are making a difference so keep being you.” Maddox’s Autism Chronicles.